Monday, January 9, 2012

A new year, and a new me...

So I'm starting this new year with a nutritional cleansing protocol! I have gained around 12 pounds over the last year, and I'm not happy about it; especially with the fact that it was totally avoidable but I chose to put things into my body that were good at the moment I ate them, but then of course, I regretted eating later. I don't get caught up in eating donuts, chips, and all of that fatty junk...I don't even like junk food! What gets me is all of the sweets; the chocolate, rich desserts, and I do like butter on my veggies!!! But when it came down to it, I was eating WAY too much of it, and I've seen the results of my sugary diet, and nothing like a new year, with new-found motivation to do something GOOD for my body!!

Here is the link to the company's website in case you wanted to know more!

So what is the clease I am going to be doing, you ask? Why, its Isagenix, of course!! Its a synergistic cleansing system that cleanses on a cellular level, and also helps with losing some of that toxic fat that I've accumulated over the last year. So here's hoping to feeling healthy and looking better, as I do have a trip to Florida next month!

I did the Isagenix nutritional cleanse 4 years ago and I remember feeling SO good while I was cleansing...sure, I had some hunger here and there, but overall I couldn't believe how alive and healthy I felt!! So that is why I decided that this year was the year to get into another round of detoxing my body and treating my body right.

Today is my first official cleanse day. The last 2 days have been my pre-cleanse days where I get my body better adjusted to going through the actual cleansing process. So I am hoping to update on here a couple of times today, or at least, this evening so I can keep anyone interested, up to date on my progress and how I might feel or symptoms I might experience.

I am nervous to go through these 2 cleansing days, but that's just me...I get nervous over anything! So I thought it would be good to document this for myself and then if anyone was wondering how it would be to do an Isagenix cleanse for yourself, will have my thoughts and feelings about it, here.

I'm 2 hours into my official cleanse, and I feel good! I had an IsaSnack and a couple of almonds, which definitely help to take the edge off of feeling hungry. I just gotta down lots of water to help flush out my body :)

3 hours into this and I had a tummy-rumble, but nothing horrendous. I am feeling quite cold, though! I think its from all of the water I'm drinking, as I normally don't drink as much water as I should. I think I will let my water get to room temp. before I drink it...or maybe a spot of tea would warm me up :)

It's the afternoon and I've had my 2nd round of cleansing juice and taken 2 accelerator older kids got home from school and they are definitely upping the grumpy factor with me!! I felt like I had more energy this morning, but now I'm feeling a little more tired and irritable, so I'm hoping once I can help my kids with their homework and get snacks done, I can go and lay around for a little rest...zzzz

I've made it to the evening, hooray! I felt better after I rested, but I'm still irritable! I think the cleansing days would go a lot smoother if I was by myself, but that's not gonna happen! If tomorrow goes like today, it should be a breeze to continue on with the rest of the shake and cleanse days...I do find myself salivating over food smells and eating something like a banana, for crying out loud! LOL, but I can do this and am doing this to clean out my liver and other organs, and give my body the health and healthy foods it deserves! It's keeping me alive, afterall ;)

Alright, it's close to 10pm and I'm feeling a little HUNGRY...doesn't help that my house smells like the delicious dinner my hubby and kids had!! I decided to take in a big breath of it and swallow it, just to feel like I had a little taste, any rate, I'm ready to end this day; on a good note, though. I hope I have the stamina to make it ONE MORE DAY in cleanse-mode, but I know that I can do it, as I've done it before! I'm going to have a 1/4 of an apple with an IsaSnack and call it a day. Goodnight!

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